Hacking Society is a conversation about how networks are transforming our economy and society, and what this means for the future of innovation, regulation, advocacy and politics.

On April 24, 2012, a small group of activists, thinkers, investors and entrepreneurs gathered at Union Square Ventures in NYC to discuss this topic, joined by online listeners & tweeters from around the world.

We invite you to continue the conversation here.

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By way of introduction, here are a few articles that touch on elements of this topic.

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Innovating by the Seat of our Pants

Joi Ito, nytimes.com

The Freedom to Innovate

Brad Burnham, usv.com

Innovate or Legislate

Reihan Salam & Patrick Ruffini, nationalreview.com

Why You Can't Get a Taxi

Megan Mcardle, theatlantic.com

Hacking Society: It's Time To Measure The Unmeasurable

Mike Masnick, techdirt.com

The Rise of Collaborative Consumption

Rachel Botsman, ted.com

Innovation Under Austerity

Eben Moglen, theslowhunch.com

The Rise of the Micro-Entrepreneur

Jamie Wong, fastcoexist.com

The Problem of Money in Politics

Fred Wilson, avc.com

The April 24, 2012 event was attended by the following people:

John Perry Barlow

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Yochai Benkler

Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Harvard University

James Boyle

Duke University Law School

Brad Burnham

Union Square Ventures

John Buttrick

Union Square Ventures

Kahlil Byrd

Americans Elect

Tiffiniy Cheng

Fight for the Future

Bram Cohen


Rep. Jim Cooper

U.S. House of Representatives

Nick Grossman

Connected.io, MIT Media Lab

Jeff Jarvis

Author, Professor, CUNY Journalism

Steven Johnson


Lawrence Lessig

Harvard Law School

Michael Maness

Knight Foundation

Mike Masnick


Mark Meckler

Tea Party Patriots

Craig Newmark


Beth Noveck

New York Law School

Alexis Ohanian


Tim O'Reilly

O'Reilly Media

Clay Shirky


Wendy Seltzer


Yancey Strickler


Mark Surman

Mozilla Foundation

Albert Wenger

Union Square Ventures

Andy Weissman

Union Square Ventures

Jayme White

Senate Finance Subcommittee on Trade, U.S. Senate

Fred Wilson

Union Square Ventures

Naomi Wolf


Luigi Zingales

Univ of Chicago Booth School of Business